A Story About Life

Welcome to our Shop

Welcome to our Shop


Have you ever seen the movie You've Got Mail? I love the little shop around the corner and was so sad when it closed. I loved the feeling families had when they walked in and how Meg Ryan's customers truly loved what she had to offer.

My hope is that when you shop with us you have that same feeling of excitement when you visit us in store or online. LaLeePop team members (4 lol) are available to answer any questions via the chat here, on Facebook, or email. I'd personally love to help you with your shopping experience and show you all of the options we may have. Consider us as your personal shopper while in the comfort of your own home.

A bit about my right hand Cassie, I have a million ideas and she implements them all. I come in the office and usually say " OMG guess what I had a dream about" and she happily looks fearful. If you can look happily fearful she has it mastered. She has been with me for all these crazy ideas and this one is probably the most fun for her. She has two kids, a handy husband, a dog, killer fat cat and her mom all under one roof. Lucy (2) is the perfect age for this collection and is usually our tester as designs come in. If she refuses to put it on we know it's going to be a dud if she refuses to take it off we have a winner. Judah (9) has had his own style for as long as I've known him. He's sported a mohawk since birth and Cassie continues to keep that look...until this year when he wanted a cool zig zag mohawk and she accidentally zagged where she should have zigged so now he has a shaved head. Cass is awesome at all she does at work and at home she's very crafty and creative. Who knows she may even host a craft night via Facebook as the holidays arrive. OMG another idea..Facebook Live craft night. 

Now a bit about me. I have two kids, 17 and 12 and I'm disappointed these cute styles weren't around when they were growing up. My fashion style growing up was Gar-Animals and every thing was easy to coordinate and match. Match the tag and you had the perfect outfit and loved anything with the purple tiger even if it was meant for the boys. I hope to have a boutique style collection that has all you need in one place. No need to find a shirt and then a short and hope to find a cute headband to match. No need to visit 3 shops to wear one outfit. We want to include everything you need at an affordable price. 

I am happily married for 18 years blah blah blah. I'm sure those are the boring parts of any blog.. how insanely happy we are and how wonderful life is. Well we are happy but only because we choose not to be miserable. We laugh AT each other everyday, we have our kids, six dogs, 2 sugar gliders and a cat. If we aren't laughing we would be seriously drinking in the back of a parking lot somewhere. I had cancer, I survived (check your Ta Ta's) and after that pretty much decided to do what I wanted. Not reckless or anything but if I had an idea run with it. If I crashed at least I tried. That is the biggest lie of all..oh but you can say you tried...no regrets. Everyone has regrets and sometimes the only thing that comes out of trying is a empty bank account and a ton of product in storage.  I have 3 companies and a million failed ideas but at least I can say I tried. 

So this is my life and I hope to get to know you on this next new adventure. I can tell you with all my heart there is no way we will be perfect but our goal is to do the best we can offering amazing clothes at great prices that look as sassy as your kids think they are. 

Bragging Bit- My kids were on Shark Tank May 6th 2016 check out there company (yes I am a partner...apple doesn't fall far from there tree)( my daughter thinks she is a pear surrounded by apples) Their company is Yourself Expression. You can see their stuff under media.